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Levelling of a Slab

First part of levelling a slab is to determine how much cup or twist is in the slab then I set up the slab with wedges to make the slab sit in the best possible position so as to remove the lest amount on wood I may start on the face or bottom side, each slab is different so I may have to turn it over several times to achieve the best result. The slab is then levelled and sanded on both sides, the face is then finished with a random orbital sander to a fine finish, ready for coating.

Planing a Board

To achieve a level board up to 400mm wide first the board is placed on the slabmaster and wedged and machined to achieve 1 level surface then run through the planer. End result is a perfectly flat board.

Slicing Timber

Using the laguna band saw with a rip saw king blade it is possible to slice very thin pieces of wood ideal for guitar makers, box makers etc


Professional & Superior Equipment

Timber Fin operates with a ‘Slab Master” machine and other professional equipment to ensure a superior finish to your project.

Routing Edges

Have a wide range of router bits to finish edges on your project

Joining Timber

Can join boards or slabs for tables or bench tops etc

Milling Timber

Can mill logs up to 600mm in diameter and 3 meters long, mainly soft woods like camphor, red cedar, silky oak.etc