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Professional & Superior Equipment

Timber Fin operates with a ‘Slab Master” machine and other professional equipment to ensure a superior finish to your project.


I have always had an interest in timber. I would tinker around in the shed making a few things like coffee tables, book shelves and photo frames. Then 14 years ago I bought a ‘Slab Master’ levelling machine. Long gone are the days of me attending weekend markets with 4am starts and working a full time job during the week. Now my ‘hobby has become my full time ‘job’ [of love].


I can level, plane and/or sand slabs, burls, boards, root balls and ‘used’ timber. In regards to timber I have a wide range of timber available on-site and if necessary I can outsource special requests.


Whilst I am not a mainstream timber yard I do have a wide range of wood to supply the home hobbyist. In stock there is Red Cedar, Camphor Laurel, Silky Oak, Blackwood, Rose Mahogany, Rosewood, She Oak, to name but a few. These are in various forms from boards, turning blanks, carving blocks and small logs etc.



We have a range of Blackwood, Red Cedar, Hairy [She] Oak ,camphor ,silky oak, to name but a few .guitar timbers